Sun Heidi Sæbø

Kim Jong-Un. A Shadow Portrait of a Tyrant
Kim Jong-Un. Et skyggeportrett av en diktator

On February 13, 2017, a man is killed, in plain sight, at Kuala Lumpur airport. When the deceased turns out to be Kim Jong-nam, all suspicion points to the man’s half-brother, North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un. In this book, Sun Heidi Sæbø follows the trail from this spectacular murder, and ends up with a portrait of a dictator with his back against the wall, and a country with little left to lose.

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“The story of Kim Jong-un is exciting enough in itself, especially when it is told by such a good writer (…) One of Sæbø’s great merits is that she presents a more nuanced picture. (…) To understand what is going on in the world of international politics today, it would be smart to have read this book.