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The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ funding programme for development cooperation – Field of Literature

NORLA administrates an annual fund for travel grants on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) with the aim to support partners in the field of literature in developing countries.
The main objective of the grant scheme is to promote a vibrant, free and independent cultural sector in developing countries.

This aid scheme (UD 03 international support programme) is to be employed on measures that strengthen expertise and professionalism in the culture sector and contribute to institutional development and the cultural infrastructure in the target nations. There will be an emphasis on good strategic collaborating partners, channels and networks.
India is NORLA’s current region of investment, along with individual projects in the Arab world.

Read more about Norway’s global culture collaboration on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Norwegian) here.

The so called 03-countries are defined by critera set by OECD, and are also know as DAC-countries or countries approved for ODA (official development aid).
See the OECDs list of countries here.

Send the application, including grounds for the application and budget, to NORLA as an e-mail to Write «Development Cooperation» in the subject field.

There is no application deadline.