Yann De Caprona

Words of Love. Etymological and Cultural Dictionary of Words Related to Love
Kjærlighetens etymologi

This is a highly original book that covers around 600 words related to different aspects of love, like words for feelings, senses, anatomy, family, relationships, religion and moral. For each word is given a definition, the origin and semantic evolution, related words in English and other languages, and if possible relevant quotes and cultural facts. The information is based on updated etymological dictionaries from many languages, encyclopaedias and books about history and customs related to love and marriage in European countries. It also makes references to how human sexuality is different from that of other primates.
This comprehensive dictionary aims at popularising information from the best academic works. This book will be essential reading if you are looking for the etymology or words, or want to read about different aspects of the history of love, or are seeking after points and anecdotes for a speech.
Most of the etymological information can be found in the author’s Norwegian Etymological Dictionary – Thematically arranged (2013, 1920 pages) which has been published in 50 000 copies and was highly claimed by critics. It was awarded with the Brage prize, the most distinctive Norwegian literary award.

Bok 593

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