NORLA selects Norwegian books of current interest for book fairs and literary events.

Selected titles Frankfurt 2014


Bok 582
Mirjam Kristensen
I’ve Been Waiting For You
Bok 579
Lars Mytting
The Flame Birches / The Sixteen Trees of the Somme
Bok 574
Carl Frode Tiller
The Encirclement Trilogy
Bok 607
Brit Bildøen
Seven Days in August
Bok 585
Eivind Hofstad Evjemo
Welcome To Us
Bok 581
Tore Renberg
Attack From All Sides
Bok 592
Levi Henriksen
Harp Song
Bok 595
Marita Liabø
Bok 576
Lars Petter Sveen
Children of God
Bok 520
Trude Teige
The Girl Who Stopped Talking
Bok 590
Olav W. Rokseth
The Brother
Bok 608
Asbjørn Jaklin
Red Zone


Bok 598
Erika Fatland
Sovietistan. A Journey Through Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan and Uzbekistan
Bok 583
Tore Rem
Knut Hamsun – The Journey to Hitler
Bok 589
Jakob Lothe
Female Time Witnesses. Stories From the Holocaust
Bok 597
Ingeborg Eliassen
Hard Times. The New Working Life in Europe
Bok 596
Rannfrid Thelle
The Discovery of Babylon
Bok 577
Kristin Brandtsegg Johansen
Mary Magdalene. The Disciple Jesus Loved
Bok 588
Atle Næss
The Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci
Bok 605
Bjørn Grinde
The Evolution of Consciousness and How to Make the Most of it
Bok 580
Pål Karlsen
Porcini. Born to be Wild
Bok 593
Yann De Caprona
Words of Love. Etymological and Cultural Dictionary of Words Related to Love
Bok 533
Øyvind Dahl
Human Encounters. An Introduction to Intercultural Communication
Bok 602
Matti Goksøyr
What is Football?
Bok 599
T. Barth, T. Børtveit, P. Prescott
Motivational Interviewing. Counseling to Change
Bok 601
O. J. Løland, A. Martinsen, P. Skippervold
The Bible in Popular Culture

Children and young adults

Bok 600
Mette Karlsvik
Bok 603
Lisa Aisato
A Fish for Luna
Bok 584
Gro Dahle
The War
Bok 586
Taran Bjørnstad
The Crocodile Thief
Bok 587
Bjørn Rørvik
The Three Billy Goats Gruff Return
Bok 594
Magnhild Bruheim
The Motorcycle Mystery
Solberg, audhild kampen mot superbitchene hd
A. Audhild Solberg
Me vs. The Monster Girls
Bok 557
Håkon Øvreås
Bok 604
Various Authors
The Monster Book
Bok 575
Liv Marit Weberg
Luckily, People Don’t Notice Me
Bok 591
Arne Svingen
Primitive Possums

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