NORLA selects Norwegian books of current interest for book fairs and literary events.

Selected Titles Autumn 2022 - Non-Fiction


Hjardar audr omslag
Kim Hjardar
Auðr – Women in the Viking Age
Wig havanna taxi
Ståle Wig
Havana Taxi. Life and Lies in the New Cuba
Muller ild og is 9788203393389
Reidar Müller
Fire and Ice – The History of the Climate
Sandberg ro 9788234007835
Sigri Sandberg
The Fjord - A Long Row Home
Strøksnes lumholtz gjenferd 9788249525676
Morten Strøksnes
Lumholtz’ Ghosts. Around the world in the footsteps of a forgotten white explorer, in search of all that was once lost, and what is left behind
Hellestveit dårlig nytt fra østfronten
Cecilie Hellestveit
Disquiet on the Eastern Front. The war that transforms Europe
Dahl i seng med fienden   forside
Ellen Støkken Dahl
Sleeping With the Enemy – Terrifying Tales About Sexually Transmitted Infections
Lorentzen quislings koffert 9788248929864
Trude Lorentzen
Quisling's Suitcase. In The Footsteps of the World's Most Infamous Traitor
Sveen kunsten å stamme
Lars Petter Sveen
The Art of Stuttering – Without Anyone Noticing

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