NORLA selects Norwegian books of current interest for book fairs and literary events.

Selected Titles Bologna 2016

Children and young adults

Johnsen ulla og bendik bygger by hd
Åshild Kanstad Johnsen
Ulla and Bendik Builds a City
Hagerup barnet mitt hd
Hilde Hagerup
My Child
Ousland småbarnsuppe hd
Bjørn Ousland
Tiny Tot Soup
Fiske vaskedamen hd
Anna Fiske
The Cleaning Lady
Skretting anton og andre uhell hd
Gudrun Skretting
Anton and Other Accidents
Lian reserveprinsesse andersen web
Torun Lian
Alice Andersen: Backup Princess
Moen jenta i speilet hd
Torbjørn Moen
The Girl in the Mirror
Henmo det er bare kjærlighet hd
Sverre Henmo
It's Only Love
Voss de4 seriens bok 0 3
Vera Voss
Ewo birkebeinerne cover bb ny
Jon Ewo
The Last King
Bjorvand astrid lindgren hd
Agnes-Margrethe Bjorvand
Astrid Lindgren

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