NORLA selects Norwegian books of current interest for book fairs and literary events.

Selected Titles Spring 2014


Bok 515
Ingvild H. Rishøi
Winter Stories
Bok 531
Mikkel Bugge
The Rope
Bok 518
Lajla E. Lorentzen
Settlement Damage
Bok 517
Erlend Loe
Bok 479
Nikolaj Frobenius
Dark Branches
Bok 609
Carl Frode Tiller
Encirclement III
Fosse trilogien
Jon Fosse
The Trilogy: Wakefulness (2007), Olav's Dreams (2012), Weariness (2014)
Bok 519
Øystein Stene
Zombie Nation
Bok 273
Jan Roar Leikvoll
Bok 461
Cecilie Enger
Mother’s Gifts
Bok 523
Frode Granhus
Devil’s Remorse
Bok 555
Hanne Kristin Rohde
Draw Close the Knot
Bok 527
Monica Yndestad
Pillory - Everything Has its Price
Bok 526
Ann-Christin Gjersøe
The Iron Maiden
Bok 524
Marit Reiersgård
The girl with no heart


Bok 528
Thomas Hylland Eriksen
Fredrik Barth. An Intellectual Biography
Bok 530
Siri Meyer
Art and Visual Culture. A Historical Introduction
Bok 535
Bernt Hagtvet, Nik. Brandal, Dag Einar Thorsen (Ed.)
The Black Book of Genocide (2nd edition)
Bok 532
Jan Grue
Body language. Presentations of Functional Disability in Culture and Society
Bok 533
Øyvind Dahl
Human Encounters. An Introduction to Intercultural Communication
Stenvik bløff pocketomslag 2016 hd
Bår Stenvik
Bok 529
Karl Ove Knausgård
The America of the Soul. Essays 1996-2013
Bok 522
Øyvind Strømmen
In The Wake of Hatred
Bok 418
Anders Sømme Hammer
Heia Kabul! En ung kvinnes kamp for livet - Og fotballen
Bok 521
Bredo Berntsen
Dead as a Dodo – And Other Stories About Threatened Species
Arntzen kleskoden omslag1
Mari Grinde Arntzen
The Dress Code. The Naked Truth About Fashion
Bok 507
Camilla Kolstad Danielsen
The Star of The Age of Reason. Voltaire 1694-1778
Bok 491
Trond Berg Eriksen
Søren Kierkegaard. The Pious Blasphemer
Bok 536
Audun Myskja
The Heart Does Not Dement
Bok 537
Kristin Oudmayer
You’re more important than you think. How to prevent and deal with bullying

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