NORLA selects Norwegian books of current interest for book fairs and literary events.

Istanbul 2015


Askildsen kjell a great deserted landscape
Kjell Askildsen
A Great Deserted Landscape
Bok 607
Brit Bildøen
Seven Days in August
Tomas Espedal
Tramp. (or the Art of Living a Wild and Poetic Life)
Eline lund fjaeren the clock and the bed
Eline Lund Fjæren
The Clock and the Bed
Bok 627
Gjermund Gisvold
A Cuckoo in the Nest
Knudsen    manuell cover ny mini
Cathrine Knudsen
Bok 633
Benedicte Meyer Kroneberg
In the Best Sense
Bok 27
Trude Marstein
Doing Good
Bok 630
Maria Navarro Skaranger
All the Foreigners Have Their Curtains Closed
Bok 579
Lars Mytting
The Flame Birches / The Sixteen Trees of the Somme
Bok 632
Kristine Næss
Only Human
Bok 407
Tore Renberg
See You Tomorrow
Bok 634
Lajla Rolstad
Wolf Island
Bok 574
Carl Frode Tiller
The Encirclement Trilogy
Bok 610
Hanne Ørstavik
Bok 197
Karin Fossum
The Caller
Doedens drabanter1
Gunnar Staalesen
The Consorts of Death


Ekern europeere
Simen Ekern
Bok 598
Erika Fatland
Sovietistan. A Journey Through Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan and Uzbekistan
Titland piketty cover forside 60 prosent
Esben Slaatrem Titland
Piketty in One-Two-Three
Vetlesen   studier i ondskap
Arne Johan Vetlesen
Studies of Evil

Children and young adults

Bok 618
Lene Ask
D is for Tiger
Bok 234
Gro Dahle
Good Night, Night
Nyhus   vil du høre en ehemmelighet
Kaia Linnea Dahle Nyhus
Do You Want to Hear a Secret?
Bok 619
Martin Ernstsen
Bok 617
Liv Frohde
Jacob and the Dog
Bok 621
Martin Ødegaarden Henriksen
Bok 623
Marit Kaldhol
Bok 72
Stian Hole
Garmann’s Summer
Bok 538
Veronica Salinas
The Voyage
Bok 620
Veronica Salinas
Bok 616
Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvold
Me, Me, Me
Bok 366
Øyvind Torseter
The Hole
Torseter mulegutten hd
Øyvind Torseter
Mule Boy

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