News from NORLA

News from NORLA

Nominees for the 2015 Norwegian Booksellers' Prize


Congratulations to the ten nominees for the 2015 Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize!

Heidi Linde: Norsk sokkel

Helga Flatland: Vingebelastning

Jørgen Jæger: Monster
(Juritzen forlag)

Ketil Bjørnstad: Verden som var min. Sekstitallet

Lars Saabye Christensen: Magnet
(Cappelen Damm)

Maja Lunde: Bienes historie

Roy Jacobsen: Hvitt hav
(Cappelen Damm)

Samuel Bjørk: Uglen
(Vigmostad & Bjørke)

Siri Pettersen: Evna

Trude Teige: Mormor danset i regnet

The winner of the 2015 Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize will be announced November 24.
Read more about the prize and see former winners here.

The Hunger (Sult) Prize 2015 to Lars Petter Sveen


NORLA offers its warmest congratulations to Lars Petter Sveen, winner of the 2015 Hunger (Sult) Prize!

Sveen, lars petter web photo akam1k3

The Hunger Prize is a publisher’s prize of 200 000 NOK, awarded annually by Norwegian publishing house Gyldendal Norsk Forlag to a young, eminent author.

Read more about the prize (in Norwegian) here.

More about Lars Petter Sveen.

Cecilie Løveid receives the 2015 Norwegian Ibsen Award

Ibsenprisen 2015 cecilie løveid

NORLA offers its congratulations to Cecilie Løveid, winner of the 2015 Norwegian Ibsen Award!

Løveid receives the award for her play “The Showing” (original title: Visning). This is the second time The Norwegian Ibsen Award goes to Løveid, as she in 1999 was given the award for her play “Austria” (original title: Østerrike).

The Norwegian Ibsen Award is an award for contemporary Norwegian drama and consists of NOK 150.000 and a sculpture by Nina Sundbye.
The award is annually handed out for a play that has been staged at a professional theatre the previous year.

Read more about Cecilie Løveid in English in the brochure “Norwegian Drama NOW 2015” (click the right hand corners to reach pages 42-43)

Read more about the winner and the award (in Norwegian) here.

More about Løveid’s play “The Showing” (in Norwegian) here.


Ten Norwegian nominees for the 2016 ALMA Award


Next year 215 candidates from 59 countries will be in the running for the ALMA Award, the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. The ALMA Award is the world’s largest international children’s and young adult literature award. The award amounts to SEK 5 million and is given annually to a single laureate or to several. Authors, illustrators, oral storytellers and reading promoters are eligible for the award, which is designed to promote interest in children’s and young adult literature.

NORLA congratulates IBBY Norway's three nominees for the IBBY Honour List


Every other year, IBBY organisations all around the world nominate candidates for the IBBY Honour List: one author, one illustrator and one translator who have made their mark in the respective country during the last two years.

This year IBBY Norway has chosen the following candidates:

Siri Pettersen for “Odin’s Child” (Odinsbarn).
Information in English/Foreign Rights here.

Camilla Kuhn for “Samira and the Sceletons” (Samira og skjelettene).
Foreign Rights here.

Hilde Stubhaug for translating “I’ll Give You the Sun” (Jeg gir deg sola) by Jandy Nelson into Norwegian.

NORLA offers its warmest congratulations!

Read more about the IBBY Honour List.

Visit IBBY Norway on Facebook.

The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) is a non-profit organization which represents an international network of people from all over the world who are committed to bringing books and children together.

Five Norwegian books among this year's White Ravens - books selected by the International Youth Library

Ørbeck nilssen hvorfor er jeg her hd

Every year, the International Youth Library (Internationale Jugendbibliothek) acquires about 10,000 new children’s and young adult books from publishing houses around the world. The library’s language specialists, experts in the literature of individual language families, select 200 exceptional titles from among these new additions, which are then introduced with short annotations in an English-language catalogue. Books are chosen based on their potential interest for an international audience, whether due to their innovative literary or illustrative quality, or due to their consideration of universally relevant topics. The 200 books are chosen from more than 40 countries and are in about 30 languages.

“The White Ravens” are presented at the Book Fair in Frankfurt as well as at the International Children’s Book Fair in Bologna in the spring of the following year. The recommended books can then be shown in libraries, schools, or other educational institutions interested in displaying them.

Among the 200 selected books five are from Norway:

Constanze Ørbeck-Nielsen (ill. by Akin Duzakin): Hvorfor er jeg her
Read more
Foreign Rights

Marit Kaldhol: Zweet
Read more
Foreign Rights
See NORLA’s presentation

Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen (ill. by Lilian Brøgger): Brødrene Zapata
Read more
Foreign Rights

Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvold: Meg, meg, meg
Read more
Foreign Rights
See NORLA’s presentation

Signe Torp: ABC. Tegn for tegn med tøysevers
Read more
Foreign Rights

See all selected 2015 White Raven titles here.

New translation award to Sanda Tomescu Baciu

2015 sanda tomescu baciu photo radu padurean flaneur21

Dr. Sanda Tomescu-Baciu recently received the “Romanian language” Award for her translations from the Norwegian language and for promoting the intercultural relations. The prize was awarded in the frame of the Transylvania International Book Fair, which took place in Cluj Napoca, between October 6-11, 2015.
NORLA offers its warmest congratulations!

Read more about the prize (in Romanian) here.

In July Sanda Tomescu-Baciu was awarded the prestigious Eta Boeriu prize for the translation of the novel “Vizionare” (original title: “Visning”) by Lars Saabye Christensen.
Read more in English here.

In September Dr. Tomescu-Baciu was NORLA’s Translator of the Month. Read her interview (in Norwegian) here.

(Photo: Radu Pădurean/

NORLA’s Translator’s Award 2015 to Eva Kaneva

Kaneva, eva photo kalev kanev hd

During the celebration of the patron saint of translators, St. Jerome, on 01 October in Oslo, NORLA’s translator’s award was announced for the tenth time. The award is given annually to a translator of Norwegian literature and was established to bring into the public eye the contribution foreign translators make to Norwegian literature. The award shall go to a young translation talent and is intended to encourage a continued investment in Norwegian literature.

NORLA Presents: Selected Norwegian Titles Autumn 2015


Take a closer look at our selected titles for the autumn of 2015 here.

You may also find selected titles from previous years, so called “Backlists” here.

Norway comes closer to Guest of Honour Status in Frankfurt for 2019


For more than one year NORLA has been working towards enabling Norway to apply for Guest of Honour status at the Frankfurt book fair in 2019. Last week the happy news arrived that the Norwegian government views this endeavour as a measure towards increasing the export of Norwegian culture and will ask the Norwegian Parliament to pledge NOK 25 million.
Margit Walsø, Director of NORLA, states: "With this pledge a significant portion of the funding can be in place, but we are not there yet.

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Norway as Guest of Honour at Frankfurter Buchmesse

Norway was Guest of Honour at the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019. Please visit our website for information about the project, news and events.

Frankfurt 2019