Kristin Oudmayer

You’re more important than you think. How to prevent and deal with bullying
Du er viktigere enn du tror. En håndbok om forebygging og håndtering av mobbing

Kristin Oudmayer’s book Because you’re worth it? – A book about bullying, hope and responsibility (Fordi jeg fortjener det? En bok om mobbing, håp og ansvar) was published in 2010. The book was a great success, and Oudmayer has since then worked for UNICEF Norway. She has also travelled all across the country and given lectures about how to prevent and deal with bullying, and the inclusion of vulnerable children. Oudmayer has written several chronicles about bullying, adults as role models and the vulnerable children.

Since the publication of her first book, Kristin Ourmayer has been repeatedly asked if she was planning a follow-up with practical advice on how to deal with bullying in various situations, either as parents, as the bullied or as the bully. In this book, Oudmayer uses her own experiences as mother and as a professional. In addition to concrete tips about how to cope with different situations, she addresses a number of difficult questions that have not been expounded on earlier. The book discusses among other things what hidden bullying is, Cyberbullying, the situation of the family of the bullied, and the co-operation between school and home.

This is a long-awaited book, and judging by the interest Kristin Oudmayer receives as expert in the media, on the Net and as speaker, this is this season’s must-read for all who relate to children.

Humanist Forlag 2014

Bok 537

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