New Voices

New Voices

NORLA's New Voices, spring 2018. Photo Credits (from top left, clockwise): Øystein Morten (private), Lotta Elstad © Oda Berby, Heidi Sævareid © Ingrid Poppe, Gudrun Skretting © Niklas Lello and Lars Petter Sveen © Tine Poppe.

Norway will be Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019. Cultivating new literary voices internationally is an important aim of the Guest of Honour project.

NORLA’s talent development programme, New Voices, has been established in collaboration with Talent Norway (Talent Norge) and the Norwegian Publishers Association.

In our invitation to editorial staffs of all publishing houses in Norway you will find all details about the New Voices-programme.

In the years leading up to 2019 a number of new writers will have the opportunity to participate in a development programme that focuses on the international dimensions of the writing profession. The programme is for writers from all genres, fiction, non-fiction, and literature for children and young adults.

Senior Adviser in NORLA, Dina Roll-Hansen, is managing the New Voices-programme.

In January 2018, this spring’s New Voices were announced. The group consists of:

Lotta Elstad, Lars Petter Sveen, Øystein Morten, Heidi Sævareid and Gudrun Skretting.

Read more about this spring’s new voices here

During the spring, the five participants will be offered courses and training in Oslo, and also the opportunity to put the training into practice, at festivals and book fairs. The participants are provided with individual programmes and will meet translators, publishers and audiences; in cities such as Leipzig, where all five authors will participate; London; Lviv (Ukraine); Cluj (Romania) and the Norwegian Literature Festival at Lillehammer. Some of the participants will also present themselves to German-language publishers who will be visiting Oslo, under the direction of NORLA, this spring.

In June 2017, the second group of New Voices were announced

The second group of authors consisted of:

Birger Emanuelsen, Tiril Broch Aakre, Anders Kvammen, Mari Kanstad Johnsen, Andreas Tjernshaugen and Nina Lykke.

Learn more about the authors here.

Over the autumn, these six participants were offered courses and training in Oslo, as well as the opportunity to try their hand at festivals and book fairs. They met with translators, authors and the public in Gothenburg, Krasnoyarsk, Guadalajara, Moscow and Hamburg, among others.

Kollasjer2   liggende
Top row from the left: Tiril Broch Aakre, Nina Lykke, Birger Emanuelsen. Bottom row from the left: Anders Kvammen, Mari Kanstad Johnsen, Andreas Tjernshaugen.

The first group of New Voices

In the autumn of 2016, the first four participants were chosen; Simen Ekern, Sigbjørn Mostue, Roskva Koritzinsky and Nils Henrik Smith. The first session of the programme was held in January 2017. In the months to come they will visit several international book fairs and festivals.

Learn more about the authors here.

Click here to see the books of the four participants
And see sample translations below.

NORLA’s New Voices Calendar, Spring 2017 (Group 1):

January 2017 saw the start of the semester.
In March the four authors took part in the Leipzig Book fair.
And in May they participated in the Georgian Book fair in Tbilisi and also a translators seminar. Norway was this year’s focus country at the book fair.
Read more in our letter from Georgia.

Endelig kollasj talenter
© Photographer top left: Linnea Syversen, top right: Kateryna Babkina, bottom pictures: Agnete Brun.

About the programme

The programme provides insight into the work of translators, gives participants media training, knowledge about international book markets, language practise, practical experience and international contacts. The scheme will entail sessions in Norway, and travel abroad. NORLA will – in cooperation with its large international network – produce a solid programme that will include participation at festivals, book fairs and translator’s seminars. The programme is not intended to be a writing school; the idea is rather that meeting with a foreign readership will enhance an awareness of and open up new perspectives on the participant’s own vocation as an author.

Groups of three−five participants will be accepted twice a year up until 2019. Each participant will attend the programme for one semester. A total of some 20 participants will take part in the programme, representing all literary genres.