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Miluse Jurickova awarded the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit

2017 miluše juřičková dekoreres av ambassadøren
Miluse Jurickova receives the order from the Norwegian Embassador, Ms Siri Ellen Sletner.

Miluše Juřičková was recently awarded the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit in the rank of Commander, in recognition of her formidable efforts as both a conveyor of Norwegian literature and culture, as a translator and as a cultural bridge-builder between Norway and the Czech republic.
Juřičková received the order at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Prague from the Norwegian Embassador, Ms Siri Ellen Sletner.
Everyone at NORLA offers her our very warmest congratulations!

2017 miluše juřičková og margit walsø
Miluse Jurickova and NORLA's director Margit Walsø.

For many years, Miluše Juřičková has been a PhD and lecturer of Norwegian language and literature at the Masaryk University in Brno and thereby greatly contributed towards the Czech students’ increased interest in Norwegian language, literature and culture. Juřičková has opened doors for many Norwegian authors to be translated and published in the Czech republic, and she has herself taken great care of a number of authors who have visited the country. Through numerous projects in all genres; non-ficiton, poetry, short stories, novels and crime fiction, she has made Norwegian literature highly visible in the Czech republic.
And as a translator she has made many authors known and dear to Czech readers. Juřičková’s enthusiasm and love for Norwegian literature has enabled it to travel way across the borders of Norway.

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