New Voices

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(Top to bottom, left to right): Marianne Kaurin (photo: Aschehoug), Jan Kristoffer Dale (photo: Kjersti Sletteskog), Maria Kjos Fonn (photo: Tine Poppe), Tore Skeie (photo: Paw Wegner Gissel) and Bår Stenvik (photo: Paal Audestad).

Norway was Guest of Honour at the 2019 Frankfurt Book Fair. Cultivating new literary voices internationally was an important aim of the Guest of Honour project.
NORLA’s talent development programme, New Voices, was established in collaboration with Talent Norway (Talent Norge) and the Norwegian Publishers Association.

In our first presentation of the program you will find all details about the New Voices-programme.

About the New Voices programme

In the years leading up to 2019 a total of 25 new writers were given the opportunity to participate in a development programme that focused on the international dimensions of the writing profession. The programme was for writers from all genres, fiction, non-fiction, and literature for children and young adults.
The programme was not intended to be a writing school; the idea was rather that meeting with a foreign readership would enhance an awareness of, and open up, new perspectives on the participant’s own vocation as an author. The programme provided insight into the work of translators, it gave the participants media training, knowledge about international book markets, language practise, practical experience and international contacts.

Senior Adviser in NORLA, Dina Roll-Hansen, was manager of the New Voices-programme.

New Voices

Spring's New Voices to London

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On the eve of the London International Book Fair, the New Voices took part in a publisher’s seminar at Free Word Centre in London.

Marianne Kaurin, Jan Kristoffer Dale, Tore Skeie and Bår Stenvik presented themselves and their authorship to an interested audience of British publishers. (See the presentations by clicking on their names).
The seminar was organized by NORLA in collaboration with The Norwegian Embassy in London.

Meet spring’s New Voices

Kull 5 bw nytt

Next year, Norway will be Guest of Honour at the Frankfurter Buchmesse. Bringing forth new literary voices internationally is an important goal of the initiative. NORLA has entered into the development program, New Voices, in collaboration with Talent Norway and the Norwegian Publishers’ Association.

Group 5 of New Voices consists of the following authors:

Meet autumn’s ‘New Voices’

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Norway is Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2019. Bringing forth new literary voices internationally is an important goal of the initiative. NORLA has entered into the development program, New Voices, in collaboration with Talent Norway and the Norwegian Publishers’ Association. The program will create a space for highlighting areas of the rich literary underground.

In our announcement text to Norwegian publishing editors you will find all the details about the New Voices program.

Group 4 of New Voices consists of the following authors:

Here are spring’s New Voices


NORLA is collaborating with Talent Norway and The Norwegian Publishers’ Association, on the talent development programme, New Voices.

The idea is that engagement with foreign business and readers will contribute to an awareness of, and open up new perspectives on, the participant’s own authorship. NORLA will also make provisions so that the programme can contribute towards new international opportunities and make the participants better equipped to present their books internationally over a long-term.

The autumn batch of New Voices is ready

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Last year, NORLA collaborated with Talent Norge and the Norwegian Publishers Association on the New Voices development programme. Recruiting new authors and promoting new literary voices abroad are important aims of the Frankfurt 2019 initiative. New Voices will create a space where parts of Norway’s rich literary undergrowth can be made visible, giving a boost to authors who are on the verge of an international breakthrough. A group of 4-6 new writing voices will take part in the programme every six months.

First round of New Voices completed

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© Photographer top left: Linnea Syversen, top right: Kateryna Babkina, bottom pictures: Agnete Brun.

NORLA set up its New Voices programme to help new Norwegian authors reach the international market. The first round is now complete and the first group consisted of Simen Ekern, Roskva Koritzinsky, Nils Henrik Smith and Sigbjørn Mostue.

Letter from Georgia

Under plakaten

Georgia has proud literary traditions. Georgian is one of Europe’s oldest written languages and it is said that the country’s national epic, The Knight in the Panther’s Skin, anticipated the European Renaissance by several centuries.
An international book fair takes place in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi every year. In the last week of May, Norway was the fair’s country in focus featuring the four spring-semester participants on NORLA’s New Voices programme.

NORLA’s development programme "New Voices" for new literary talents

Endelig kollasj talenter

The first group of participants chosen for NORLA’s development programme for new literary talents – “New Voices” – has been decided. The four names are:
Simen Ekern, Sigbjørn Mostue, Roskva Koritzinsky and Nils Henrik Smith.

NORLA’s talent programme for young authors confirmed


Upon the signing of the agreement between NORLA and Frankfurter Buchmesse for Norway as Guest of Honour at the Book Fair in 2019, the talent programme for young authors in Norway was confirmed. The development programme for new author talents will be organized through a collaborative agreement with Talent Norway (Talent Norge). The Norwegian Publishers Association will also contribute generously to the programme.

Recruitment is an important aspect of the work of Norway as Guest of Honour and Margit Walsø, NORLA’s director, emphasizes that cultivating new literary voices internationally is an important goal of the Frankfurt initiative. The long-term timeframe leading up to 2019 and the collaboration with Talent Norge will provide the opportunity to flush out unknown talents from Norway’s abundant literary underbrush.

In the years leading up to 2019, 20-30 authors will receive an offer of participation in a development programme focusing on the international aspects of the author profession. The programme will facilitate development through the exchange of experiences, travel, lectures, activities and network building.

Recruitment programme for Norwegian authors leading up to Frankfurt 2019

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NORLA has formed an agreement with Talent Norway (Talent Norge) on a recruitment programme for Norwegian authors. The programme will be a part of Norway’s investment in Guest of Honour status at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2019 and the agreement is effective under the condition that Norway is named Guest of Honour.

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Norway as Guest of Honour at Frankfurter Buchmesse

Norway was Guest of Honour at the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019. Please visit our website for information about the project, news and events.

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