NORLA − Norwegian Literature Abroad, promotes the export of Norwegian literature through active profiling work and translation subsidies. The organisation disseminates knowledge about Norwegian books and authors abroad, and operations are financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture.
NORLA was founded in 1978 and since 2004 NORLA has contributed to translations of more than 6,600 Norwegian books into no less than 70 languages.

NORLA offers a range of funding schemes, all of which are aimed at promoting the translation of Norwegian books.

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On writing leave Wednesdays and Fridays through March.
Tel: +47 23 08 41 07
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Senior Adviser, Main contact Fiction and Children/YA

Tel: +47 23 08 41 05
Mob: +47 41 23 26 26

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Senior Adviser, Main contact Non-fiction

Tel: +47 23 08 41 04
Mob: +47 90 75 90 94

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Senior Adviser, Main contact Fiction and Children/YA

Tef: +47 23 08 41 03
Mob: +47 95 23 10 08

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Senior Adviser, Administration. Part time

Tel: +47 23 08 41 06
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Communications Adviser, Books from Norway.com

Tel: +47 23 08 41 09
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Accountant / Senior Executive Officer, Translation subsidy

Tel: +47 23 08 41 08

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Project Manager, International Markets

Tel: +47 23 04 81 14
Mob: +47 99 47 48 25

(All portraits by Eivind Røhne).

What does NORLA do?

• Facilitates contact between Norwegian authors/publishers and foreign translators, publishers, universities and others with an interest in Norwegian literature.
• Offers a range of funding schemes all of which are aimed at promoting the translation of Norwegian books.
• Subsidises foreign publishers’ translations of Norwegian publications. In order to be eligible for subsidies, titles must first have been published by a Norwegian publisher.
• Awards production grants for picture books and illustrated non-fiction.
• Organises seminars in Norway and abroad for publishers.
• Contributes to competency-raising for translators, both through seminars in Norway and abroad and through schemes such as the translators hotel and mentor programmes.
• Subsidises sample translations (both translators and publishers may submit applications).
• Provides funding for book launch trips and author presentations abroad.
• Provides funding for visits of authors and lecturers to institutions of higher learning abroad offering Norwegian language instruction.
• Provides funding in connection with travel to Norway for foreign press, publishers and translators.
• Participates in international book fairs.
• Provides personal advice and guidance to translators and others who visit the office.
NORLA awards annually a prize to a translator who has contributed significantly to the translation of Norwegian literature into foreign languages.

NORLA’s translation subsidies are intended to encourage foreign publishers to publish books by Norwegian authors of fiction and non-fiction.
Translation subsidies are only available for the translation costs of a work written by a Norwegian author, and the application must come from the foreign publisher. Applications must be made prior to publication. Two committees of experts consider all applications, and applicants are contacted as soon as a decision has been made.

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NORLA is part of the Norwegian network Norwegian Arts Abroad and of the Nordic network NordLit. NORLA is also part of the network of European literature offices that promote literature and provide subsidies for translation, ENLIT, and Margit Walsø has been leading the network since 2020.

To download press photos of NORLA’s Director Margit Walsø and of NORLA’s staff, please click here.

Books from Norway provides you with information in English about Norwegian literature in all genres. The information is provided by rightsholders and NORLA.


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