Here you will find information about the Norwegian book industry, including contact details for publishers, agents, and different industry organisations.

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Do you want to know more about the Norwegian literary field?
Have a look at our brochure “Information on Norwegian Literature” on the bottom of the page.

The Norwegian book industry and key figures
See our information about the Norwegian book industry and also key figures.

Books From Norway
In the autumn of 2017, NORLA launched Books from Norway, a website providing you with information in English about Norwegian literature in all genres: Fiction, Non-fiction and Children and Young Adults’ literature. The website also offers a list of translators of Norwegian literature into numerous languages.
Welcome to Books from Norway!

Covers of Norwegian books in translation
Visit Flickr to see all book covers of Norwegian books translated through translation grants from NORLA or The Nordic Council of Ministers (since 2011).
You will find the covers of all translated books in a specific languague by searching for the relvant tag, for instance English.
And you may find the covers of all translated books by a specific author by searching for the relvant tag, for instance Skomsvold.

Database of Norwegian literature in translation
An extensive database of Norwegian literature in translation is available here.
The database is operated by the National Library of Norway, and has been developed in cooperation with NORLA.

The National Library of Norway is digitizing its entire collection
The digital collection contains material dating from the Middle Ages up to the current day and the digitizing programme started in 2006. It is estimated that it will take 20–30 years for the entire collection to be digitized.
Read more about the project here.
If you have a Norwegian IP-address, you may see the complete digitized collection here.

Norway’s Book Towns
There are two book towns in Norway; in both Fjærland and Tvedestrand books play the leading role! Learn more about the book towns here.

Norway for bookworms: A short travel guide for literature lovers
Do you want to explore Norway from a literary point of view? Check out this travel guide for literature lovers!

A guide to the best bibliophile experiences in Oslo
Read more in this guide to Oslo’s independent bookstores, made by Routes North – The independent guide to Scandinavia.

A selection of novels set in Oslo
Visit Oslo has listed ten rather famous novels taking place in Oslo. See the list here.

Outstanding Norwegian libraries
See Visit Norway’s guide to libraries well worth a visit.

Up-to-date information about events abroad where Norwegian authors and other artists are taking part
This is often disseminated by Norway’s diplomatic missions in the respective countries. Addresses to all of the Norwegian diplomatic missions can be found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website.

You will find general information about Norway and Norwegian cultural work abroad (in Norwegian) here.

If you have any tips on useful pages, we would very much appreciate hearing from you.

Norwegian publishers:

Please find a presentation of the members of the Norwegian Publishers’ Association here.

Norwegian Literary Agencies:

Cappelen Damm Agency

NO-0055 Oslo
Tel: +47 21 61 65 00

Rights Director Mrs Ingvild Haugland Blatt – Tel: +47 414 10 647
Rights Manager Mrs Anette Slettbakk Garpestad – Tel: +47 984 82 087
Rights Manager Ms Ida Amalie Svensson – Tel: +47 977 50 106

Egmont Kids Media – Norway

P.O. Box 4684 Nydalen
NO-0405 Oslo

Editor Tonje Tornes – Tel.: +47 92 86 93 74

Gyldendal Agency

Representing foreign rights for: Gyldendal Barn og Ungdom, Gyldendal Litteratur, Kolon Forlag.
P.O. Box 6860 St. Olavs plass
NO-0130 Oslo
Tel: +47 22 03 41 00

Fiction and children/young adults:
Foreign Rights Director Mrs Anne Cathrine Eng – Tel: +47 957 81 640
Literary Agent Mrs Nina Pedersen – Tel: +47 924 47 665
Film &TV rights Mrs Kirsti Kristoffersen
Academic books: Ms Vibeke Høegh-Omdal – Tel: +47 415 53 713
Schoolbooks, textbooks and other educational material: Mr Vegard Østhagen

Hagen Agency

Eirin Hagen closed the agency for new projects per 31 December 2022.
In 2023 the agency will have activities around for Mæhle/ Rudebjer: The Dinosaur Bunch series (for children) and Hjardar: Audr. Women in the Viking Age (illustrated non-fiction). Questions about other titles on the website will be answered.

Tel: +47 93 41 10 56
Mrs Eirin Hagen

Immaterial Agents

IMMA is a Norwegian literary representing Nordic authors mainly – but every rule has an exception. Working with fiction (adult, YA and children’s) and relevant non-fiction. IMMA also keep an eye open for good TV and film material and specialise in screen adaption material.

Mrs Trude Kolaas

Magikon forlag

Fjellveien 48A
NO-1410 Kolbotn
Tel.: +47 977 50 060
Mr Svein Størksen

Northern Stories

Northern Stories is an independent literary agency representing Nordic writers, with a fine mix of established profiles and promising authors. We represent authors in the genres of literary fiction, young adults and non-fiction.
Geitmyrsveien 7C
NO-0171 Oslo
Ms Astrid Dalaker – Tel: +47 99 69 19 50
Mr Thomas Mala – Tel: +47 46 67 61 55

Oslo Literary Agency

Oslo Literary Agency is Norway’s biggest literary agency, representing authors in the genres of literary fiction, children’s books, young adult, and non-fiction. The agency work with translation rights across all genres, film rights and dramatization rights.
P.O. Box 363 Sentrum
NO-0102 Oslo
Tel: + 47 22 40 04 00

Rights Director: Mr Even Råkil – Tel: +47 90 02 44 97
Literary Agent, Children/YA: Mrs Evy Tillman – Tel: +47 952 24 408
Literary Agent, Oktober (fiction): Mr Henrik Francke – Tel: +47 913 53 922
Literary Agent, Non-fiction, Crime and Fiction Mrs Inga Semmingsen – Tel: +47 958 06 134

Saga Literary Agency

Saga Literary Agency is an independent in-house literary agency for children’s books published by Det Norske Samlaget.

Tel: +47 45 25 51 10

Stilton Literary Agency

Fougners vei 14B
NO-0571 Oslo

Visiting address: Akersveien 25

Mr Hans Petter Bakketeig – Tel: +47 47 67 47 59
Mrs Leyla Körner Øier – Tel: +47 91 34 70 57

Universitetsforlaget (academic books/non-fiction):

P. O. Box 508 Sentrum
NO-0105 Oslo


Ms Cecilie Ullstein-Brokner – Tel: +47 46 61 48 56

Winje Agency

Skiensgate 12
NO-3912 Porsgrunn
Tel: + 47 91 84 11 50
Mrs Gina Winje

More information

For translators of Norwegian literature, we have compiled a selection of tools and information (in Norwegian) which we hope will be useful, here.

You may find information about NORLA’s sister organisations in the Nordic region here.

For information on the Norwegian book industry, please click here.

For further reading on Norwegian literature, also in other languages, please click here.

If you read Norwegian you may enjoy our interview series Translator of the Month.

(Updated: May 2023)

Books from Norway provides you with English-language information about all genres of Norwegian literature. The information is provided by the rightsholders and NORLA.

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