NORLA offers a range of funding schemes, all with an aim of promoting the translation of Norwegian books.


NORLA has several funding schemes designed to encourage translation of Norwegian fiction and non-fiction books. We also have funding schemes for competency-raising for translators. Read more here.

Foragents and publishers

Agents and publishers working with translations of Norwegian literature can apply for a number of NORLA’s funding schemes. Read more about all our schemes here.


Organisers of festivals and conferences can apply for funding to invite Norwegian authors and lecturers to their events. This also applies to universities offering instruction in Norwegian language-related subjects. Read more here.

NORLA's activities to promote the export of Norwegian literature

March 01

Translated Days in Oslo: Breakfast for Norwegian-translators

During the Translated Days festival (“Oversatte dager”), NORLA will be taking the opportunity to into invite Norwegian-translators for breakfast “at home” with us, in other words at our office in Observatoriegt. 1B, on Friday March 1st. Between 0930 and 1100.

There will be simple refreshments and pleasant mingling, with colleagues and those of us who work at NORLA.
We look forward to a great start to this great year for Norwegian literature where Norway is Guest of Honour at Frankfurter Buchmesse, and also to Book Year 2019 which is being held all over Norway.

All translators of Norwegian literature are very much welcome, whether you live in Norway or abroad!

Read more on how to register here (in Norwegian)

March 01

Application deadline: Sample translation of Norwegian literature

Publishers, agents and translators abroad and in Norway can apply to NORLA for subsidies for sample translations.
Read more here.

NOTE that agents and publishers in Norway can also apply to NORLA, for support for extended sample translations; made possible by funds from the Ministry of Culture as a step towards making Norwegian literature exports an industry.

Translators of Norwegian literature may also apply to NORLA for subsidies for sample translations from books of interest. For translators, there are no application deadlines.
Read more (in Norwegian) here.

March 02

Translated days in Oslo: When "Gleden med skjeden" became "The Wonder Down Under”

This small, feminist information project “Gleden med skjeden” by Nina Brochmann and Ellen Støkken Dahl has now become an international phenomenon, and the translation rights have been sold for more than 30 languages.

It can be difficult enough to talk about women’s genitalia in Norwegian. How does anyone do it in Russian or Polish? Where does the boundary lie between translation and adaptation? How can a book like this be distributed in countries where women have a totally different position than in Norway? How far do you really have to travel before Scandinavian directness begins to create problems for translators? And how do you say “discomus” in English?

As part of the Translated Days festival, at Oslo’s Litteraturhuset (the House of Literature), NORLA has invited three of the book’s translators, and one of the authors, for a panel discussion on Saturday, March 2nd.
Time: 12.00-12.45.
Venue: Amalie Skram, the House of Literature.

March 11

Spring's New Voices to publisher’s seminar in London

On the eve of the London International Book Fair, the five New Voices will be taking part in a publisher’s seminar, organised by NORLA in collaboration with the Norwegian Embassy in London.

Read more about the five authors comprising spring’s New Voices here.

And read more about the New Voices programme here.

NORLA selects Norwegian books of current interest for book fairs and literature events.

Selected Titles Autumn 2018



Children and young adults


Stranger leksikon om lys og mørke hd
Simon Stranger
Keep Saying Their Names


Ytreberg kapp hjertestein hd
Espen Ytreberg
Cape Heartstone: The Story of Nita Kakot Amundsen, Camilla Carpendale and Roald Amundsen

Children and young adults

Lunde snososteren hd
Maja Lunde
The Snow Sister

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