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2018.08.30 endringer i norla smil

Janicken von der Fehr (top row, left) will continue working 60% as project coordinator as responsible for “Literature: Go Global” (LUV) and also as case handler for sample translations and network subsidies (the latter is applicable for professional stakeholders in Norway only).

Hege Langrusten (top row, middle) has a temporary position at NORLA and is responsible for children’s and young adult literature, and translation support of non-fiction.

The responsibility for non-fiction is shared between Per Øystein Roland (top row, right) and Dina Roll-Hansen (bottom row, left), who also coordinates the New Voices program.

Mette Børja (bottom row, middle) is the contact person for the website Books From Norway.

Oliver Møystad (bottom row, right) is responsible for adult fiction.

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