Dag Johan Haugerud receives the P2-listeners’ Novel Prize 2016

NORLA congratulates Dag Johan Haugerud on his receiving the 2016 P2-listeners’ Novel Prize for the novel Easy Atonal Pieces for Children (Enkle atonale stykker for barn).

The P2-listeners’ Novel Prize is awarded every year by the Norwegian radio channel NRK P2. The nominated books are chosen by a professional jury, which then narrow the nominations down to a shortlist of six books. From there on in a listener’s jury consisting of six people will discuss the books in a series of radio shows, before announcing the winner.

Read more about Easy Atonal Pieces for Children here.

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From the reviews:

«A thought-provoking novel on art, truth, power and powerlessness by a writer with an unusually keen eye for our insecurity when we deal with each other … Haugerud is incredibly good at showing how all our relationships carry in them an element of power and submission”
Vårt Land

“In Haugerud’s works there is always some connection between people, whether they are aware of it or not … Easy Atonal Pieces for Children is a real work of art, consisting of numerous brilliant parts within a carefully conceived whole, and composed in an elegant and sophisticated manner by a brilliant writer”
Dag og Tid

“Just in case this novel will not win either of Norway’s most prestigious literary prizes, it will receive an award right now. Easy Atonal Pieces for Children is hereby given my personal award for being this year’s most singular, thought-provoking novel.”

“Haugerud’s most ambitious novel so far … In a streamlined world of glass and brushed steel, there are still a few of those who qualify to be called cult writers and cult directors. In Norway Dag Johan Haugerud is probably the only one to deserve both titles … Haugerud’s ability to portray Andersen’s childhood, with all its compulsory shame and confusion, and how Andersen connects this to “Tom and the Rabbit” is quite simply a shining gem this autumn”
Dagens Næringsliv

Dag Johan Haugerud (b. 1964) is a librarian, writer and filmmaker. He made his literary debut in 1999 with the warmly received novel Something with Nature. His second novel, If You Are Very Strong, You Must Also Be Very Kind, was published in French by Gaïa.