Five books nominated for the 2014 ARK Children's Book Award

NORLA congratulates the authors Alexander Løken, A. Audhild Solberg, Lars Joachim Grimstad, Tone Almhjell and Arne Svingen on being nominated for The 2014 ARK Children’s Book Award.
The Ark Children’s Book Award is a literary award for the best children’s book of the year. The award was established by the book seller’s chain ARK in 2002. The winner is chosen among five nominated books, which are read and voted for by 10 000 school children. This year’s winner will be announced in December, and the prize is 25,000 NOK and a lithography.

The five nominees are:

Alexander Løken: Trollskallen.
(Cappelen Damm) (in Norwegian)

Audhild Solberg: Me vs. the Monster Girls.
- Original title: Kampen mot superbitchene

Lars Joachim Grimstad: Prime Minister Fathar & Son – The Sun King.
- Original title: Statsminister Fahr & Sønn – Solkongen

Tone Almhjell: The Twistrose Key.
- Original title: Vindeltorn

Arne Svingen: The Revolver Kid .
- Original title: Relvolvergutten

Read more (in Norwegian) about the ARK Children’s Book Award and see previous winners here.