Five Norwegian titles in The 2023 White Ravens

Every year «The White Ravens» catalogue higlights a selection of new, notable international children‘s and youth literature. This year’s catalogue features five titles by Norwegian authors/illustrators.

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In total, The 2023 White Ravens catalogue features brief annotations of 200 new books from more than 50 countries and in almost 40 languages.

Learn more about the five titles selected from Norway:

Iben Akerlie (text): The Summer Everything Happened
(original title: Sommeren alt skjedde)
Published by Aschehoug
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Teuta Dibrani (text): If This Were a Movie
(original title: Hvis dette var en film)
Published by Gyldendal
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Bo Gaustad (text/ill.): Cock-a-doodle-woof
(original title: Kykkelivoff)
Published by Vigmostad & Bjørke
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Hilde Myklebust (text): Splintered
(original title: Splintra)
Published by Samlaget
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Helene Uri (text), Kristin Roskifte (ill.) Weird Words. 426 mysterious, weird and funny words for the curious
(original title: Rare ord. 426 mystiske, merkelige og morsomme ord for nysgjerrige folk)
Published by Cappelen Damm
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The books in The White Ravens catalogue are selected by the International Youth Library’s children’s literature experts from the large number of review and donation copies the library receives in the course of one year. The team focuses on titles that might be of interest to an international audience because of their literary and pictorial quality and/or the topics they address.

See the complete 2023 White Ravens catalogue here