International non-fiction editors to take the night train to Bergen

February 5-7, NORLA will host a seminar for 10 international non-fiction editors from seven countries: The Netherlands, France, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and Canada.
Norwegian non-fiction has received a lot of international attention in recent years, and NORLA wants to take advantage of this trend by giving non-fiction literature an extra boost.

The international editors will meet Norwegian non-fiction authors, literary agents and editors in Oslo, before taking the train Thursday night across the mountains to Bergen to experience the city’s International Literary Festival.
This is a collaboration between NORLA and Bergen International Literary Festival.

Bergenstoget kollasj1
Illustrations from editions of the book and the movie "Bergenstoget plydret i natt" ("Bergen train looted in the night"), which marked the start of the unique Norwegian tradition of Påskekrim / Easter Crime Fiction.

“We aim towards being a meeting place for Norwegian and international literature, and through this also contribute to Norwegian literature being attractive to festivals, media and publishers abroad.
It is therefore extremely gratifying that the festival, already in its second year, is visited by NORLA and international editors,” says festival director Teresa Grøtan.

Through the Frankfurt initiative, NORLA has had a good collaboration with several county municipalities that have provided good payout and that we want to develop further.

NORLA’s director Margit Walsø looks forward to meeting the editors in Bergen: “Norwegian literature shows great breadth and variety, and we look forward to presenting the editors for the Bergen literary scene and many exciting non-fiction voices at the festival.”

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