Jon Fosse wins the The Nordic Council's Literature Prize 2015

We offer our warmest congratulations to Jon Fosse, winner of The Nordic Council’s Literature Prize 2015 for his trilogy Insomnia (Andvake), 2007, Olav’s Dreams (Olavs draumar), 2012 and Early Evening Drowsiness (Kveldsvævd), 2014.

Congratulations also to Jakob Wegelius, the winner of the Children and Young People’s Literature Prize 2015 for his book “The Murderer’s Ape”.

Read more about the prize here.

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Read more about Fosse’s trilogy here.
English translation [The Trilogy (Insomnia, Olav’s Dreams, and Early Evening Drowsiness)] to be published in the U.S. April 2016 by Dalkey Archive Press.