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Line Halsnes has written a book about the world’s seven coolest rescue rides. – This is a book for children from the age of 3 +, but I think grown-ups might find it interesting as well, she says.

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Line Halsnes has written the book 'Cool Rescue Rides'. Photo: Jan Alsaker.

Cool Rescue Rides is one of NORLA’s Selected Titles for autumn 2023. Here, author and illustrator Line Halsnes speaks about the book, what inspired her to write it and where and when she works best.

What is your book about?

It’s about the seven coolest vehicles in the whole world: the fire truck, the ambulance, the police car, the rescue helicopter, the police motorcycle, the rescue boat, and the tow truck. We learn what these vehicles look like – outside and inside – and what they’re used for. Two children named Hans and Ida are the narrators of the book. They address the young reader directly and share everything they know.

What inspired you to write this book?

I saw a need to write and illustrate accurate depictions of various emergency vehicles, especially the less well-known ones such as the police motorcycle and the rescue helicopter. This is the third book in a series. Like the other books, this one also contains spreads teeming with seek-and-find activities. I’ve learned that children find such activities exciting and educational. Since emergency vehicles have a lot of details, I think they’re incredibly well-suited for such seek-and-find spreads.

Who is this book for?

Children three and up, but I think adults can also enjoy and benefit from it. A child and an adult together – that’s the ideal scenario.

Where and/or when do you work best?

I work best in my home office, with my email turned off and my phone on silent. That’s when I create new books. Otherwise, I often have teaching and outreach jobs, either for libraries or The Cultural Schoolbag (Den kulturelle skolesekken). After a longer school tour, I usually miss my office even more. I think I work best when my hours in the office are limited.

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