Meet Anna Fiske - Selected Title Author

We are happy to present our selected title author Anna Fiske. She has written How to Talk About Death (original title: Hvordan snakker man om døden?).
The book is one of NORLA’s Selected Titles of the spring 2023.

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Fiske anna adrian nielsen bredde
Anna Fiske. Photo Adrian Nielsen/NORLA

What is the book about?

I wanted to create a light book about death – not just color-wise with its bright green cover, but also when it comes to how death is explained through text and images: honest and straightforward, with sincerity, warmth, and a little dose of humor.

How to Talk About Death discusses and addresses the answers to a number of questions such as: What happens to a person’s body when they die? Why do we die? What happens at a funeral? What is grief?

Additionally, the book poses questions for reflection and further discussion about the topic. The right amount of gravity and humor can help diffuse and ease thoughts, as well as inspire curiosity about topics that are difficult to talk about, such as death.

What inspired you to write this book?

It’s common for children to have thoughts and questions about death. For adults, however, answering such questions isn’t always easy, perhaps because we find them unpleasant to think about or discuss. In some cases, we might not even have the answers – only thoughts and reflections.

The book feels safe and easy to read, covers everything about death, and answers what children are wondering about – or perhaps what they haven’t even realized they’re wondering about. Words and pictures make it easier for them to understand and demystifies all their questions and thoughts about death.

Fiske hvordansnakkermanomdode cappelendamm

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