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Non-fiction seminar in Oslo for translators, 23-25 October

NORLA is organising its annual non-fiction seminar in Oslo 23-25 October for translators who translate directly from Norwegian. The seminar will offer an in-depth review of Norwegian non-fiction, the visit of the non-fiction author Yann de Caprona, a text workshop and participation in the Norwegian non-fiction festival (read more in Norwegian here). The festival is organised by NFF (The Norwegian non-fiction writers and translators organisation), it is free of charge and open to the general public.

Attendance of NORLA’s seminar is limited, but this year we invited translators who would like to take part in the seminar and the festival to send a well-founded application (by 8 September) to NORLA c/o adviser Per Øystein Roland. NORLA covers travel, hotel and per diem for the participants during the seminar and festival.
The festival programme is available in Norwegian here.

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