Norwegian playwright Jon Fosse introduced for Chinese readers

For the first time, Norwegian playwright Jon Fosse’s works have been translated into Chinese.
The milestone was marked by the international Jon Fosse festival (Fosse’s Blossoms) in Shanghai in November, staging five of his plays from five different countries – Russia, India, Italy, Iran and China.

The book now published is a collection of five masterpieces of Norwegian writer Jon Fosse’s dramas: Someone Is Going To Come, Death Variations, A Summer’s Day, The Guitar Man, and The Name.

The plays are translated by Ms. Lulu Zou at Shanghai Translation Publishing House, with grants from among other the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing and the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai.

– The first time I read a text by Jon Fosse, he touched the deepest, saddest and the most distant secrets I had. Actually, he changed my life, admits translator Ms. Lulu Zou.

The publishing house is hoping to publish a second and third volume in the next couple of years, perhaps also Jon Fosse’s poetry and essays. The translator has already started translating the second volume, at present containing the plays Draum om høsten, Eg er vinden, Natta syng sine songar, Og aldri skal vi skiljast.

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