Photo memories from Canada

In late April, NORLA had the pleasure of visiting Montreal, Canada, in connection with the Blue Metropolis literature festival, where the authors Morten A. Strøknes, Torkil Damhaug and Heidi Sævareid were guests. At the same time, NORLA organized a book trade meeting, about Norwegian and Canadian literature, in collaboration with the Norwegian Embassy in Canada, NORLA’s sister organisation Livres Canada Books, and the Blue Metropolis Festival.

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The Blue Metropolis Festival in Montreal, Canada. Torkil Damhaug among others on stage.

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The Norwegian Ambassador, Anne Kari Ovind, welcomes attendees at the book trade meeting about Norwegian and Canadian literature.

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From the left:
Heidi Sævareid was one of the participants in NORLA’s New Voices program this spring. Here she reads from her critically acclaimed book for young adults Fault lines. Read more about Sævareid here.

Morten A. Strøksnes presented his book Shark Drunk, which was recently awarded the British Wanderlust Adventure Travel Book of the Year (by The Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards). Read more about Strøksnes and Shark Drunk here.

Torkil Damhaug presented his work as a writer and talked about Nordic Noir. Read more about Damhaug’s books here.

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Damhaug’s novel Fireraiser, and Strøksnes’ Shark Drunk are also published in French.

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François Charette, Executive Director for Livres Canada Books, NORLA’s Canadian sister organisation.

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NORLA’s Director Margit Walsø, together with Caroline Fortin, president of the CanadaFBF2020 committee, responisble for Canada as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2020.

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Visit the website of Livres Canada Books – NORLA’s Canadian sister organisation.

Read more about Canada as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2020 here.