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Rave reviews for Åsne Seierstad in the UK

Seierstad, åsne

Åsne Seierstad’s book on the terrorist attack in Norway on the 22nd of July 2011, One of Us (En av oss), gets rave reviews in the UK’s most prestigious papers.

Ian Buruma of The Guardian describes Åsne Seierstad as a brilliant investigative reporter, and states that “Her book is a psychiatric case history, as well as a close look at Norwegian society, not least by paying as much attention to Breivik’s victims, as to their murderer.”
Read the review here.

Matthew Campbell of The Sunday Times states that the book is journalism at its best, and that it is without a doubt Seierstad’s most powerful story yet.
Read the review here (subscription needed).

The London Evening Standard refers to the book as “an astonishing piece of work”, and states that “One of Us looks straight at horror and doesn’t flinch: it is classic reporting”.
Read the review here.

The Times reviews Breivik’s story, and points to the fact that Seierstad with this book is challenging her fellow Norwegians to see the Norwegian and non-foreign traits of the killer.
Read the review here (subscription needed).

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