Translation grant for publishers in German-speaking Europe

For a limited time, NORLA guarantees that translation grants awarded to German publishers and publishers active in German-speaking Europe will cover 50 per cent of the translator’s fee, up to a maximum of NOK 100,000 (approx. EUR 8,800). Grants are awarded for translating works of fiction and general non-fiction, children’s and young adult (YA) books, and comics and graphic novels from the Norwegian and Sámi languages. Grants are available only for works originally published in Norway. The guarantee is related to Norway being Guest of Honour at the Leipzig Book Fair 2025.

Flickr german kronologisk for scan
Norwegian books published in German through translation subsidy from NORLA. All book covers available on NORLA's Flickr profile: flickr.com/photos/norwegianliterature

For translation subsidies for Norwegian titles of all genres there are three deadlines per year:
February 1, April 1, November 1.

The guarantee applies to the three application rounds of 2024 as long as the annual funds allocated for translation grants last. NORLA’s expert committee decides on translation grants. In order to be awarded a grant, the application must meet the criteria laid out in the application instructions and NORLA’s expert committee must approve the application when it meets to make grant decisions.

Grants are also available for production subsidies for illustrated books. The publisher must simultaneously apply for a translation grant from NORLA, in the same online application form. On average, NORLA’s production subsidy cover about a quarter of printing costs; the maximum grant amount for illustrated fiction is NOK 12,000 (approx. EUR 1,000) and the maximum grant for illustrated non-fiction is NOK 20,000 (approx. EUR 1,750).

Publishers can apply for a grant to publish Norwegian literature in translation if they have acquired translation rights for the work and signed an agreement with a translator.

Grants are paid to the publisher after publication of the translated book and when NORLA has received three copies of the book as well as a confirmation from the translator that he/she has received the agreed fee from the publisher.
The grant is valid for 24 months from the date the grant was awarded.

The published book must contain an acknowledgement of the receipt of a grant from NORLA and the NORLA logo. NORLA’s support should be mentioned in all your communications about the book. For example, on social media you can use tags #NorwegianLit and #booksfromnorway. Books must not be printed before grant decisions are made, because the book must include an acknowledgement of the grant.
Please note: the translator’s name must be mentioned in the book and media communications.

Applications must include

• signed agreement with the rightsholder (PDF format)
signed agreement with the translator (PDF format)
• the translator’s CV/résumé (PDF format) or a link to the translator’s profile on BooksfromNorway.com, stating his/her language skills, education and relevant previous translations
• a book printing price quote (for publication grant applications for illustrated books (PDF format)

Online application form