Karen Anne Buljo

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Photo: Pæska Tanja Skoglund

Karen Anne Buljo is a Sámi writer and playwright. She writes in both North Sámi and Norwegian and has published two collections of poetry as well as several children’s books. Her poems have been set to music and sung by the infamous Norwegian Sámi singer Mari Boine, and her latest collection of poems, The Amulet Mirror (2019), original title Šiellaspeajal (2017), was nominated for the Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize 2019. She has also written and co-authored various textbooks and non-fiction books and released the CD Ábifruvvá with Sea Sami joiks for children. Karen Anne Buljo is an important voice in Norway, disseminating the distinct Sámi culture and heritage across the country.

At the book fair, Buljo will be speaking about the Sámi children’s literature and the Sámi oral narrative. Buljo will also be doing a mini concert performing the Sámi song tradition «joik», which will be a unique opportunity to experience an important Sámi tradition up close. 

More about Karen Anne Buljo

Karen Anne Buljo participates in the Guest of Honor program under the auspices of the Norwegian Institute for Children’s Books (NBI) – NORLA’s partner in the Guest of Honor project.