Linn Stalsberg

Linn stalsberg. photo by aschehoug
Photo: Aschehoug

Linn Stalsberg is a Norwegian journalist, sociologist, public debater and author. She has worked as a journalist for Verdens Gang, Dagbladet, NRK and Amnesty Norway, and is currently a freelance writer, writing a column for the Norwegian leftwing newspaper, Klassekampen. Linn Stalsberg has an MSc in sociology from the London School of Economics and has written a number of books criticizing new liberalism and the capitalistic system in the West, two of them translated into Arabic. Det er nok nå (2019) (Eng. That’s Enough Now) was recently published by the Egyptian publishing house Sefsafa and is especially concerned with the way in which capitalism ruins normal peoples’ lives and the nature we surround ourselves with. Linn Stalsberg will be addressing these topics and more at different events during the book fair. 

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