NORLA's activities to promote the export of Norwegian literature


March 01

Application deadline: NORLA’s development programme for new literary voices

NORLA hereby invites the editorial staffs of all publishing houses in Norway to nominate candidates for the fourth group of authors in our development program “New Voices”.
The programme forms part of the commitment to Frankfurt 2019, where an important objective is to develop new writers’ voices.
The programme is funded by Talent Norway and The Norwegian Publishers Association, while NORLA is responsible for its implementation.

Read more here.

March 14

NORLA to the Norwegian Library Association's annual library meeting, Sandefjord

2018 bibliomøte

Andrine Pollen is a contributor during the seminar: “Frankfurt 2019 – About Norwegian Literature Abroad.”
The Frankfurt Book Fair is the world’s largest book fair. in 2019, Norway will be the Guest of Honour and Norwegian literature from all genres will be showcased all over Germany throughout the year. NORLA, Norwegian Literature Abroad, promotes Norwegian literary education through active promotional work and support for translation, and is responsible for implementing the Norwegian Guest of Honour project.
Come and hear more about Norwegian literature as seen from the outside!

More information in Norwegian here.

March 15

Application deadline: Sample translation of Norwegian literature

Publishers, agents and translators abroad and in Norway can apply to NORLA for subsidies for sample translations.
Read more here.

NOTE that agents and publishers in Norway can also apply to NORLA, for support for extended sample translations; made possible by funds from the Ministry of Culture as a step towards making Norwegian literature exports an industry.

Translators of Norwegian literature may also apply to NORLA for subsidies for sample translations from books of interest. For translators, there are no application deadlines.
Read more (in Norwegian) here.

March 17-March 21

NORLA goes to Paris

2018.02 flickr french covers

On March 17-19 the book fair Paris Livre takes place. On March 19 there will be arranged a seminar on theatre, where among others Johan Harstad will participate. On March 20, NORLA arranges a publishers’seminar in cooperation with the Norwegian embassy. Anne Cathrine Straume from Norwegian public broadcasting will talk about Norwegian contemporary literature, and Johan Harsted, Helga Flatland, Simen Ekern and Ylva Østby will present their latest books. Norwegian agents will also be present.

The next day, Wednesday March 21, there will be a seminar for translatos and students at the Sorbonne. The same lecturer and authors will be present, and editor-in-chief Eva Bredin from JC Lattès will join in to talk about how she works together with the translators.

March 26-March 29

NORLA at the Bologna Book Fair

Bologna 2017

NORLA is participating at the children’s book fair in Bologna, Italy. This year, for the first time, the Norwegian book industry will be assembled at one large stand at the book fair. Welcome to Hall 21-A51!
Contact us if you wish to arrange a meeting.

March 28

Deadline: Open architectural competition: Norway’s pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019

Paviljongutlysning forum 2011 da island var gjesteland foto thorsteinn j. vilhjalmson

The open architectural competition for the design of Norway’s pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019. The competition has been arranged by NORLA, in cooperation with DOGA. The Norwegian Association of National Architects (NAL) are assisting NORLA throughout the competition and will assume the role of competition officer and legal secretary in addition to quality assurance of the competition program itself.

The deadline is 28th of March, at 15:00 (Norwegian time).

April 01

Application deadline: Translation subsidy for Norwegian fiction

Read more about the translation subsidy for Norwegian fiction here.

Foreign publishers may also apply for production subsidies for children’s and young adult’s picture books by Norwegian authors and illustrators.
Read more about the scheme here.

April 01

Deadline: Nominate candidates for NORLA’s Translator's Award 2018

Pokal gylden

NORLA annually hands out an award to a translator of Norwegian literature. The award is given for translations directly from Norwegian.
In 2018, the award will be given to a talented young translator of non-fiction as an encouragement towards continued efforts.

We would very much like to hear from you about deserving candidates!

April 10-April 12

NORLA to the London Book Fair

2018 london book fair

NORLA will be attending the London Book Fair at Olympia 10th-12th. April and, as before, we can be found at the Norwegian stand: 6F70.
We look forward to meeting both established and new contacts. Please contact us to book meetings!

April 16-April 29

New season at NORLA’s Translators Hotel


We are looking forward to welcoming four new translators of Norwegian literature to NORLA’s Translators Hotel in Oslo, at Hotell Bondeheimen.
This spring is the eighth season of our popular programme.

Read more about NORLA’s translators hotel and previous guests here.

April 26-April 29

Norwegian authors to Montreal and industry showcase in Canada

2018 blue metropolis festival canada

Authors Morten A. Strøksnes and Torkil Damhaug will be guests at The Nordic Spring Literary Program at the Blue Metropolis Festival in Montreal, Canada. For this reason, NORLA is arranging an industry showcase of Norwegian literature, in cooperation with the Norwegian embassy, on April the 26th.
Visit the Blue Metropolis Festival’s website.

April 26

Book trade meeting, Bern

NORLA is planning a book trade meeting Swiss publishers at the Norwegian Embassy in Bern. It is important to include Switzerland in our focus on the German-language area, and also to consider the ripple effects to French-speaking Switzerland.

April 27

Salon du Livre, Geneva

NORLA will be attending this book fair to ensure Norwegian authors are included to a greater extent in 2019.
The book fair’s website can be found here.

May 29-June 03

NORLA’s activities during the Norwegian Literature Festival in Lillehammer

2018 norsk litt.festival lillehammer logo svart uten bakgrunn web liten 2

International publishing seminar
NORLA and The Norwegian Publishers’ Association annually invite foreign publishers to a seminar on Norwegian literature during the Norwegian Literature Festival. Interest in travelling to Oslo and Lillehammer is increasing; and this year, fiction publishers from France, the Netherlands, Poland and English-speaking countries have been invited. On day one, the publishers will meet Norwegian colleagues in Oslo. The day after, they will visit several of the central Norwegian publishers before catching the train to Lillehammer. In addition to a cultural program, they will also see presentations from a number of current Norwegian fiction writers. The seminar is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Translator seminar

May 30-June 01

NORLA to the New York Rights Fair

2018 new york rights fair

At the end of May the first ever New York Rights Fair will take place. NORLA will be present at a Nordic stand along with with our sister organizations (the NordLit network).

Read more about the The International Adult & Children’s Content & Licensing Marketplace here.

May 30-June 06

Translator seminar / book fair in Kiev and Lviv

Between 30th May and 6th June, NORLA will be in Ukraine together with two of spring’s “New Voices.” At the book fair in Kiev we will participate in several events about literary collaboration, Gudrun Skretting will present his hot new translation to Ukrainian and Øystein Morten will lecture on Norwegian Vikings in the Kiev Empire. After Kiev, we are all traveling on to host a translation seminar in Lviv, where there is an active university environment and many Norwegian translators.
The visit is being organised in cooperation with the Norwegian embassy in Kiev.

June 01

Application deadline: Translation subsidy for Norwegian non-fiction

Read more about the translation subsidy for Norwegian non-fiction here.

Foreign publishers may also apply for production subsidies for the publication of Norwegian non-fiction containing a large number of illustrations or with exceptionally demanding technical production requirements.
Read more about the scheme here.

June 03-June 06

Translator Workshop, Cluj

NORLA’s Margit Walsø and author Lotta Elstad are participating in a translation workshop at the University of Cluj, Romania, where there is an active Norwegian community.

Lotta Elstad is one of five writers participating in NORLA’s “New Voices” program this spring.
Read more about her “here”:

Full information about NORLA’s “New Voices” program can be found here.

June 06-June 08

Lecturers’ Meeting, Kiel

Every year, NORLA contributes to around 30 author and lecturer visits to foreign universities which teach Norwegian. No other country has as many centres of higher education, teaching Norwegian, as Germany. This June in Kiel, all of Germany’s Norwegian lecturers will meet for a large conference. NORLA will be participating in order to inform those present about our commitments in Germany over the next two of years.

June 11-June 15

Norwegian-Finnish Agent Exchange

2018 flag pins norway finland

The intriguing title Finnish-Norwegian agent exchange is not the name on a novel by Le Carré, but a cooperating project between NORLA and FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange. Norwegian literary agents can apply for a two days stay in Helsinki, where they can meet Finnish publishers who are interested in Norwegian books. Finnish agents can go on a similar trip to Oslo.
The visit in Helsinki will take place on June 11-12, the visit in Oslo on June 14-15.

Norwegian authors abroad

March 15-March 18

Leipzig Book Fair offers meeting with many Norwegian writers

Leipziger buchmesse

Between the 15th and 18th of March, no less than thirteen Norwegian authors will take part in the Leipzig Book Fair. Meet the authors and NORLA at the Norwegian stand in Hall 4 C400!

Among the authors are NORLA’s five new voices – Heidi Sævareid, Lars Petter Sveen, Øystein Morten, Gudrun Skretting and Lotta Elstad. The five authors will meet German publishers, talk about their books in front of a German audience, and work intensively with translators during a half-day translation seminar; and get an overall experience of one of Germany’s biggest book fairs at close hand.

Åsne Seierstad will be receiving the Leipzig Book Award for European Understanding 2018 for her book One of Us. The Story of Anders Breivik and the Massacre in Norway.
At several events during the book fair, the audience may also meet other authors like Maja Lunde, Bjørn Berge, Lars Lenth, Ingunn Thon and Ingvild Lothe.

Friday the 16th of March, is devoted to Nordic reading night. There will be readings of Nordic writers starting at 19:00 and continuing past midnight. Monica Isakstuen and Nina Lykke will be interviewed and will read from their books to the German audience.