NORLA's activities to promote the export of Norwegian literature

September 19-September 21

German bookstores to Norway

2018 buchhandlung findus

Representatives from 11 German bookstores are coming to Norway at the beginning of September to learn more about Norwegian literature before the Guest of Honour initiative in Frankfurt in 2019.

September 27-September 30

NORLA and autumn's five New Voices to the Gothenburg Book Fair

2018 bok  och bibliotek ny logo

As usual NORLA will be taking part at the Göteborg Book Fair and we will be available at the International Rights Center, at table number 75.
Contact us if you want to arrange a meeting.

In cooperation with the Book Fair we are hosting this year’s mingle at the International Rights Centre, Thursday September 27, at 17.00-18.00. Meet your publishing colleagues and friends for a glass of wine and a taste of Norwegian literature as NORLA is preparing for the project Norway as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019.
We look forward to seeing you!

October 01

Application deadline: Translation subsidy for Norwegian non-fiction

Søknad kalender photo by rawpixel on unsplash

Read more about the translation subsidy for Norwegian non-fiction here.

Foreign publishers may also apply for production subsidies for the publication of Norwegian non-fiction containing a large number of illustrations or with exceptionally demanding technical production requirements.
Read more about the scheme here.

October 09-October 14

NORLA to the Frankfurt Book Fair

2017 frankfurt flagg foto norla hege langrusten

Norway officially becomes Guest of Honour during the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018.
NORLA will, of course, be part of the Norwegian book industry’s exhibition stand in hall 5.0, A53, where we will also present autumn’s focus titles.

October 15

Application deadline: NORLA’s development programme for new literary voices

NORLA hereby invites the editorial staffs of all publishing houses and literary agents in Norway to nominate candidates for the fifth group of authors in our development program “New Voices”.
The programme forms part of the commitment to Frankfurt 2019, where an important objective is to develop new writers’ voices.
The programme is funded by Talent Norway and The Norwegian Publishers Association, while NORLA is responsible for its implementation.

Read more here.

October 22-November 04

A new season at NORLA's Translator Hotel


We look forward to welcoming four new translators of Norwegian literature to NORLA’s translator hotel at the Hotel Bondeheimen in Oslo.
Autumn will be the ninth season of this popular scheme.

November 09-November 13

Translator’s seminar in Japan

2018.08.30 japanese   flickr

NORLA will be hosting several events in Japan, in cooperation with the Norwegian embassy in Tokyo, and the universities of Osaka.

November 15

Application deadline: Translation subsidy for Norwegian fiction

Søknad kalender photo by rawpixel on unsplash

Read more about the translation subsidy for Norwegian fiction here.

Foreign publishers may also apply for production subsidies for children’s and young adult’s picture books by Norwegian authors and illustrators.
Read more about the scheme here.

November 28-December 02

Maja Lunde and Alfred Fidjestøl travel with NORLA to the Moscow Book Fair

2018 moskva lunde og fidjestøl 2 bw

This year NORLA is also participating with writers at the ‘Non/fiction’ Book Fair in Moscow.
From NORLA, senior adviser Dina Roll-Hansen will be attending. Contact us if you wish to arrange a meeting with NORLA

December 06

Book trade meeting in Copenhagen

Dansk og norsk flagg foto

On Thursday, December 6th, a new book trade meeting for Danish publishers will be held at the Norwegian embassy in Denmark. The focus will this time be on children’s books.

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