February 14 2023

Tokyo - book trade meeting on graphic novels / children's and young adult literature

NORLA and the Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo will be holding a book trade meeting on Tuesday 14 February.
Here, Japanese editors and scouts will be able to meet Norwegian authors and literary agents, and the Norwegian participants will get the chance to become better acquainted with the Japanese publishing industry.

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There will be author presentations by:

- Malin Falch: Nordlys (serie)
- Hans Jørgen Sandnes: Krypto (serie)
- Nora Dåsnes

The translator Chiharu Sawaki will give an introduction to Norwegian children’s and young adult literature, and Andrine Pollen from NORLA will present information about the Norwegian publishing industry.

From the left: Nora Dåsnes (photo: Agnete Brun), Malin Falch (photo: Anne-Kari Toth) and Hans Jørgen Sandnes (photo: Atle Holtan).