November 28-November 29 2015

Elin Grimstad in Delhi

Meet the Sun and the Moon – and author/illustrator Elin Grimstad who has made a beautifully illustrated book about them, in several events at the Bookaroo festival in Delhi, India. See below for details.

The book is available in English, Bengali and Hindi – all published by Sampark Publishing through subsidies from NORLA.

Grimstad månen som ville lyse som ei sol hindi

About the book:
Moon says to himself – why can’t I shine as brightly as the sun. He tries to shine as brightly as the sun. But it does not happen. Find out more from the pages of the wonderfully illustrated brilliant story that combines fun learning and knowledge of the solar system.

November 28:

10.30: Moonazing
Let Elin Grimstad open your eyes to the mysteries and magic of the moon.
For ages 4-6

November 29:

12.00: Suntillating
Elin Grimstad brings the moon, sun and stars to life.
For ages 6-8

15.00: Moonalicious
Take a patch of the sky, catch a ray of falling sunlight, add a sprinkling of stars with a dash of moondust. Mix well for a mouthwatering moonscape.
For ages 8-10

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