February 18-February 20 2016

Translation festival “Oversatte dager” in Oslo

In conjunction with the translation festival “Oversatte Dager” (Translated Days) at the Norwegian House of Literature in Oslo, NORLA has once again this year announced a causerie contest for translators of Norwegian literature. Three winners have been chosen and they will perform their causeries on Saturday February 20, at 16.00.

The three winners are:

1st prize:
Éva Dobos (Hungarian translator of Norwegian literature)

Split 2nd prize.
Katarzyna Tunkiel (Polish translator of Norwegian literature)

Split 2nd prize:

Daniela Syzcek (Austrian translator of Norwegian literature)

Welcome (free entry)!

Read more (in Norwegian).

2016 oversatte dager

Visit the festival’s (Norwegian only) website and Facebook-page.

If you read Norwegian, you will find the three causeries here: Éva Dobos, Katarzyna Tunkiel and Daniela Syzcek.

And more information on the two winners of NORLA’s previous causerie competition (Oversatte dager festival 2013) here.