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Ragnar Aalbu

Knock on wood
Hakk o ve

Knock on wood is a picture book about a woodpecker who gets a headache from all his drumming. There is no other way out than to re-train. This in turn leads to an existential crisis; What will a woodpecker do when he can no longer do what he does best?
Knock on wood is an original and fun story by an author who has a group of readers and fans enjoying his minimalistic and humorous style and devious stories. The absurd story about the woodpecker is complimented nicely by Aalbu’s perfectly clean illustrations. With its surplus of funny details both children and adults will enjoy this book.

Winner of the 2018 Ministry of Culture’s Prize for best picture book

Aalby hakk o ve hd cut

“Everyone should read Ragnar Aalbu’s books. Philosophy of life and recognition that a lot of people will consider relevant…”

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