Rebecca Wexelsen

Hotel Montebello

Hotell Montebello

When Nina gets cancer and has to check in to the hospital as an in-patient, it seems as though the whole world is collapsing around her. But she soon begins to enjoy her stay, and on the day that she is declared well again she has no desire to go back to her everyday life.

When you’re healthy, nobody looks after you; it’s expected that you’ll take care of yourself. You’re supposed to perform and be funny and sociable. You’re supposed to go out, never to miss out on a single thing, and to drink too, but not too much. Nobody checks your weight and your blood work or asks if you are tired or perky or afraid or indifferent. When you are healthy, nobody asks you anything at all. You are not in safe hands.

You might as well not exist.

With black humour and a keen eye for our weaker sides, Rebecca Wexelsen delivers a convincing debut novel about sickness, loneliness and belonging.

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“Rebecca Wexelsen writes amusingly about serious topics. (…) Even without the cancer disease, Wexelsen’s wellfunctioning comic rests on a sore sadness. This is a successful debut.”

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Rebecca Wexelsen was born in Oslo in 1986. Her background is language and literature studies and she works as a copywriter. This is her first novel.