Nature and popular science

Hanna Nyborg Støstad

Enchanting Evolution. Why fishes climb waterfalls and bats donate blood
Eventyrlig evolusjon. Hvorfor fisker klatrer i fosser og flaggermus gir blod

For all nature lovers!

The incredible diversity in the nature surrounding us has been shaped by evolution. Go on a journey to some of the worlds weirdest animals, from Telemark to the Antarctic and discover why they behave the way they do. In Hawaii a tiny fish climbs a vertical waterfall. In the Norwegian spruce forest a little bird crosses its beak to get pinecone seeds. At dusk in Tennessee beautiful fireflies are lured into a deadly trap, while in a nest in the Amazon, a baby bird tries to look like a butterfly larvae. Why do they do this and how have they gotten there? Here you get a new and fascinating perspective on nature!
With entertaining stories and new research, biologist Hanna Nyborg Støstad tells us how evolution has affected the animals we find in the forest, ocean and the sky. This is the book for anyone who loves the work of David Attenborough.

Søstad eventyrlig evolusjon

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