Ingeborg Arvola

Buffy By is Talented

Buffy By er talentfull. En selvbiografi

Meet Buffy By, a poor girl in rich Oslo. She’s useless at ball games but naturally gifted when it comes to slalom, the world’s third most expensive sport. How will it all work out?
Class 6B at Refstad School have to write their autobiographies. Buffy By would rather write about slalom – or be out practising slalom. During a free course during winter break, she turns out to be a natural talent! It’s just a shame they don’t have enough money for the training fees – or skis or poles or skiwear or anything else, in fact. But Buffy By doesn’t let that put her down. And she always has a good idea or three.
You can’t find many books about poor children in Norway these days. But here comes Buffy By’s autobiography and there’s nothing like it!

Winner of the 2019 Ministry of Culture’s Prize for best children’s fiction book

Arvola buffy by 9788202609573

‘It’s a linguistic joy ride, with invigorating lines and playful descriptions. While entertaining and engaging the reading child, the moral project is unpacked between the lines.’

Dag og Tid

’Arvola’s new series about the adventures of the poverty stricken girl Buffy By, gets a lively start and opens for many fascinating discussions about ethics and economy. (…) Buffy By is here to stay – and that’s brilliant.’
Arvola, ingeborg photo cadamm anna julia granberg © blunderbuss
Photo: Anna Julia Granberg © Blunderbuss

Ingeborg Arvola (b. 1974) grew up in Pasvikdalen and in Tromsø. Her first novel was published in 1999. She has written several novels for children and adults.