Susanne Christensen

Leonora’s Journey – An Essay
Leonoras reise

In Leonora’s Journey, Susanne Christensen travels in the footsteps of Leonora Carrington, to New York, Mexico and California, in order to understand Carrington’s life and work.

Leonora Carrington (1917-2011) was a British-Mexican artist famous for her surrealistic paintings and texts. During her time as an art student in London, she met Max Ernst, who took her with him to Paris. Here Carrington ended up in middle of the circle of surrealist artists. Later she escaped from being committed to a psychiatric institution – and from the Nazi conquering of Europe – first to New York, and later to Mexico, where she remained for large parts of her life.

Leonora’s Journey is a fascinating, personal and knowledgeable book on surrealism’s power, feminism, art, sci-fi, mysticism, ecology and madness.

Christensen leonoras reise

‘A magnificent apologia for the validity of art criticism. (…) a completely overwhelming piece of literature (…) It’s quite simply extraordinarly impressive (…) Susanne Christensen simply writes insanely well.’


‘Impressive (…) Christensen has in an exemplary way shown how one can and should write about art.’

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