Children and Young Adults

Marit Nicolaysen
Jens Ivar Kristensen

Rats, the world’s (worst) best animals
Rotter, verdens (verste) beste dyr

Rats are critters most of us would rather avoid, yet no other wild animal lives as close to us as rats do. They are everywhere. Despite this, people generally have no knowledge of rats as a species.
Marit Nicolaysen, the author behind the hugely successful bestselling and awardwinning middle grade series featuring Svein and his pet rat Halvorsen, takes us into the secret world of rats. She tells us everything there is to know about rats, perhaps even some things we don’t really want to know! With easily accessible facts, fascinating anecdotes and cool illustrations the book challenges our view on rats. It demonstrates that rats can be lovable pets – and that they can even save lives.

Illustrated by Jens Ivar Kristensen.

Nicolaysen rotter 9788241918384

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