Henrik Hovland
Torill Kove

John Jensen and the Night Train

Johannes Jensen tar nattoget

John Jensen is finally back after 10 years! This time around every child’s favourite Tax Advisor is going to Bergen on a conference. A town full of Bergeners. To get there he has to travel on the night train. He will have to sleep on a train with people he doesn’t know, pass through unfamiliar places and go through dark tunnels.
The challenges are quickly piling up for our anxious crocodile friend. The first three books about John Jensen have turned into modern classics in Norway. We are happy and proud to have him back.

Illustrated by Torill Kove.

Hovland johannes jensen tar nattoget 9788241917837

‘(…) if you like the crocodile who works as a Tax Advisor and battles with issues we all recognize; you won’t let him go so easily (…) the illustrations contribute to creating the harmonious atmosphere that characterizes these books. Reading about John Jensen actually slows down your heart rate.’

Bergens Tidende
Hovland og kove

Henrik Hovland (b. 1965) has written three previous books on John Jensen as well as the picture book Snap (Illustrated by Tone Lilleng) and two books for adults. He has also worked as a war correspondent in Iraq, the Balkans and Central America.

Torill Kove (b. 1958) is an Oscar-winning animation filmmaker, illustrator, and children’s book author. She is a onetime
Oscar laureate, twice Oscar nominee. The Danish Poet won the Best Animated Short category in 2007.