Anne Elvedal

The Game of Death

Dødens spill

The Game of Death is the first book in this YA-trilogy that explores existential issues around death and love, loneliness and grief, faith and belonging. Belonging to oneself, to other people, and to something greater outside oneself. Is it possible that our lives are woven together with past lives, allowing old curses to haunt us and giving love left unspoken another chance?
Sixteen-year-old Rebekka is looking forward to the annual motorcycle summer vacation with her father. But plans change abruptly when her father dies in an accident, just after a big quarrel between them. Filled with guilt and despair, Rebekka visits the Barn, her father’s car repair shop where he helped troubled kids put their lives back together. Among old vintage cars and tools, she finds a spirit board. Hoping that this may bring her in contact with her father, Rebekka uses the spirit board, which opens up a number of strange and frightening events. In addition, Rebekka receives a surprising message: Her father’s death was not an accident, he was killed. Suddenly Rebekka faces a mystery that is far greater and more complicated than she could have imagined.

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‘After reading the first draft of this manuscript, we were immediately intrigued by the story and characters created by Anne. There was no doubt that this was a trilogy we really wanted to publish. Excitement from the first page, mysteries, intrigues, and scary appearances from the past – it was simply so captivating that we were thrilled! Anne Elvedal is totally able to capture the YA-reader.’

Marianne Kaurin, Editor at Cappelen Damm and author of "Almost Autumn" (Scolastic, 2016)
Elvedal, anne photo hans fredrik asbjørnsen cappelen damm
Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen

Anne Elvedal is one of Norway’s most sought after screenwriters for television and film. She has written screenplays for several crime series, and her three feature films have all been nominated to the Amanda award. Anne has also written the international award-winning documentary “Queen Without Land”.
She has worked as a script writer for the last 14 years but is also qualified as a nurse and previously worked in the psychiatric healtcare. The Game of Death is her first book.