Children and Young Adults

Morten Solheim

Totally Childish
Sykt barnslig

A sparkling, humorous and warm novel about wanting to remain a child forever.

Soon twelve-year-old Trine Halvorsen does not want to stop playing and for sure, does not want her mum to have a new boyfriend. That would mean the Golden Years of childhood are definitively over. We follow Trine through a series of challenges and comical intricacies while trying to keep her best friend Stina, and without losing the child in herself. Meanwhile, Trine does detective work with her friend Noah in an attempt to find answers to important questions: Does her mum have a boyfriend? Who is he? And if so, can she and Stina manage to sabotage the relationship?

Totally Childish is about not wanting to grow up – and how that can actually help one grow.

Solheim sykt barnslig 9788241952531

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