Children and Young Adults
Picture Book

Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvold
Mari Kanstad Johnsen

Bedtime for Bo
Dyrene sover

Everyone must sleep. The giraffe, the parrot, the walrus, and Bo.

The sea otter sleeps on the open sea, holding hands so they don’t drift away from each other, the meerkats sleep in clusters to keep warm. Bedtime for Bo is a book about little Bo who doesn’t want to go to bed and his mother who tells stories about how the animals sleep to guide Bo from supper, to bathing, to brushing his teeth, to bed and to finally falling asleep.

Bedtime for Bo is a charming and beautifully illustrated good night story.
A picture book perfect for reading aloud for curios children.

Format: 25 cm x 34 cm

Skomsvold johnsen dyrene sover 9788203365461

‘How to make the daily finish in the family with young children’s intense life to be a cosy play? Check out this book…’

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