Cecilie Enger

The White Map

Det hvite kartet

A gripping new historical novel from Cecilie Enger

They set out as pioneers of their time in the late 1800s, but kept their private lives hidden. Bertha Torgersen and Hanna Brummenæs are unknown figures to most people, but the story of the two shop girls who met in Karmøy’s hard, masculine mining community, and – wearing men’s hats and coats – forced their way into male-dominated positions, is both astonishing and moving.
These two transgressive ‘male-women’ kept their love a secret from the world around them and embarked on an extraordinary journey up through the social ranks, but also experienced misery in the wake of their life choices.

Det hvite kartet (1)
Enger, cecilie photo linda næsfeldt
Photo: Linda Næsfeldt

Cecilie Enger (b. 1963) has studied history, Norwegian language and literature, and journalism. She also works as a feature journalist when she is not writing critically-acclaimed novels. Her first novel Necessity was published in 1994 and was warmly received by the critics. Her big break through came with Mother’s Gifts in 2013, which sold internationally and earned her the Booksellers’ Prize. She is perhaps best known for biographical and historically-inspired novels as well as strong portraits of female characters.