Line Dybedal
Line Renslebråten

A Heart for Christmas

Eit hjarte til jul

Magic in the Christmas tree forest

Nora’s mum is in the hospital. She needs a new heart to get better. Nora wants nothing more than her mum to be like she was before, but what if her mum becomes someone completely different with a new heart? Imagine if she doesn’t want to know Nora! The thought terrifies her. At times like this it’s good to have a grandma who knows about a magic Christmas tree forest. Together with her dad and grandma, Nora finds the perfect Christmas tree and a shooting star whizzes through the sky above.

Perhaps Nora’s wish for her mum to get better will come true after all…. A Heart for Christmas is a story about the painful thoughts that can arise when a loved one is seriously ill, but it is also a heart-warming tale about finding comfort and security, and about never giving up hope.

Dybedal renslebråten a heart for christmas
Dybedal renslebråten kollasj
Photo: From left: Line Dybedal (photo Helle Frogner) and Line Renslebråten (photo Ina Strøm)

Line Dybedal (b. 1988) is a song writer and musician. A Heart for Christmas is her debut book.

Line Renslebråten (b.1980) is an author and illustrator. Among other books, she wrote and illustrated Under the Polar Ice (2018) and Animals who Hide (2020). Her books have been translated into many languages.