Victoria Kielland

My Men
Mine menn

My Men is a work of fiction inspired by actual events, about Brynhild, a Norwegian servant girl, who emigrated to America in the late 19th century and became Bella Sørensen, then Belle Gunness of La Porte, Indiana. After her death Belle is known as Americas first female seriekiller, but Kielland writes, in an intense language, about a broken person, one who is always yearning, about going to the ends of the earth, about those who refuse to lose themselves; those who shall live and those who must die. No one who loves with their whole self can survive.

Winner of the 2021 Stig Sæterbakken Memorial Award
Nominated for the 2021 Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize
Nominated for the 2022 Young People’s Critics’ Prize

Kielland mine menn

‘Gripping, unique, and amazingly well-written (…) An exceptionally good book.’

Vårt Land

‘Who writes like this? The book recalls modernist precursors, with prose bordering on poetry and almost tactile, at the very least sensual, as if the words are getting stuck to your fingers.’

Klassekampen - Bokmagasinet

‘One of the best young authors we have (…).’


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