Carl Frode Tiller


It’s Christmas Eve. Elisabet and Sakarias have visited the grave, lit candles, brushed the snow off the stone and now he’s driving her home.

Each of them will spend this Christmas, the first without their son, in solitude. Sorrow has formed an impassable void between them and they have long parted ways.

But as it turns out, they end up spending the evening together after all. Elisabet sits down by the piano and plays a piece of music their son used to like. It is to be a very special night before Christmas for them both.

Carl Frode Tiller’s novel Flight describes the relationship between the living and the dead, challending the boundaries of what we would perceive as realism.

Winner of for the 2022 Young People’s Critics’ Prize
Nominated for the 2021 Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize

Tiller flukt 9788203368332

‘This year’s best Norwegian novel’

Dagens Næringsliv



‘Superb on existential pain’


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