Reidar Müller

Fire and Ice – The History of the Climate

Ild og is. En kort innføring i klimaets historie

The Earth’s climate has never been stable. The globe has fluctuated between a greenhouse and an icebox. 55 million years ago our planet was 5°C warmer than it is today, and 20.000 years ago it was 4°C colder. The changing of the climate has even contributed to the rise and fall of civilizations.

The biggest challenge of our time is the rapidity of our climate’s change — we are speeding back into the greenhouse. Reidar Müller travels millions of years into the history of the Earth’s climate to see what it can tell us about our future.

Using both science history and new research, and peppered with surprising facts, Fire and Ice will give you the tools to understand the climate challenge.

Muller ild og is 9788203393389

‘A brilliant sweep of climate change in deep time, about cold and heat – with heated recommendations.’

Dag O. Hessen, professor of biology, University of Oslo

‘Enthralling and impressive’

Professor Eystein Jansen, lead author of the UN climate reports from 2007 and 2013
Muller, reidar photo astrid waller
Photo: Astrid Waller

Reidar Müller (b. 1971) has a doctorate in geology and is associated with University of Oslo as a researcher. He is also an educated journalist and has written regularly about Natural science in the Norwegian national newspaper, Aftenposten. His book This is What Norway Became (2014) aroused excitement among reviews and the public. The book was reprinted several times, making the author a sought after speaker. He made his international breakthrough in 2018 with the book Howling in the Woods – The History of the Forest and the Man Who Came Looking for the Grey Wolf.